Wednesday, 23 August, 2017 UTC


Aug 23, 03:46 UTC
Resolved - The queue has caught up. Package ownership & scope payment changes should be reflected immediately.
Aug 22, 23:22 UTC
Monitoring - We've rolled out a fix for the lagging queue, and are monitoring its progress. Delays are expected.
Aug 22, 21:30 UTC
Identified - We have identified the slowdown as coming from an unusually high number of incoming invalidation events. The backlog is being slowly worked through, but not at an acceptable pace. We're now working on mitigations so we can process the backlog more rapidly and keep up with the incoming volume.
Aug 22, 19:30 UTC
Investigating - An invalidation queue is running behind. We are investigating the root cause. Users upgrading an unpaid org or user to a paid user or org may experience errors when accessing existing private packages. New private packages are unaffected. Adding or removing maintainers from a package will not be reflected in "npm owner ls".