Saturday, 4 November, 2017 UTC


Simply amazing.
I tried to build a small project using ClojureScript and gave up, reverting back to Javascript. The workflow was awkward and information about the language was lacking. ClojureScript One aims to exemplify the power latent in ClojureScript by giving us a productive workflow from the very start. You clone the repo and use it as a starting point for your own project.
I haven't explored this new project, but it is already impressive. It sets a high bar for new projects. It includes a well-designed home page, getting started videos, and nice documentation. But, more importantly, it hints at a new age in web development in much the same way as the Blog in 15 Minutes Ruby on Rails video ushered in the rise of Ruby on the web. Watch the ClojureScript One Getting Started video to have your mind blown.
I also recommend a podcast about the goals of ClojureScript One.
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