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#246 — July 12, 2018
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Node Weekly
Compromised npm Package Being Investigated, Revoke Your npm Login Tokens and Use 2FA If Possible — A compromised version of eslint-scope was published so npm login tokens generated earlier today have been invalidated as a security precaution. Here's a nice writeup of what happened and what to do. It seems an account was compromised to publish the package, so you’re recommended to check your own npm account hasn’t been misused recently either and enable 2FA if at all possible (on publishes, as well as logins).
npm status
Kleur: Fast ANSI Color Formatting for Terminal Text — Has a nice API, supports nested and chained colors, printf-style formatting, and claims to be the fastest such library, too.
Luke Edwards
Take Our 5-Min Survey & Win a Chance at a Lego Mindstorm — We want to know your pain points building & programming open source languages. We've got 3 cool prizes too.
ActiveState sponsor
Testing Node.js in 2018 — Stream powers feeds for over 300+ users and their team is keen on testing well. Here they share what Node tools and packages they use.
Nick Parsons
npm Inc. Joins ECMA International and TC39 — The company behind Node’s primary package manager now sits on the technical committee that defines the programming language we all know and love.
The npm Blog A New Place to Chat About npm — npm is moving its public issue tracking from GitHub to a new Discourse-powered forum at You can report bugs, make new feature suggestions, and more.
The npm Blog
💻 Jobs
React/Full Stack Developer (Remote or Southern CA) — Join our small team building apps and services for customers in over 50 countries worldwide. We learn. We build. We deliver.
Geist Interactive
Join Our Career Marketplace & Get Matched With a Job You Love — Through Hired, software engineers have transparency into salary offers, competing opportunities and job details.
📘 Tutorials
Using AWS Lambda and Node to Scan Your S3 Uploads
Victor Kabdebon
Updating Dependencies Sucks, So Let’s Do More of That
Depfu sponsor
Scraping Web Sites for Info Easily using and Node — Only scrape sites responsibly and follow robots.txt and copyright laws, of course.
Janeth Ledezma
Performing Twitter Sentiment Analysis using Node
Anshul Chauhan
🔧 Code and Tools
carbon-now-cli: Create Beautiful Images of Code From Your Terminal — It’s a terminal client for the awesome Carbon tool.
Miloš Sutanovac
AWS Serverless Express: Run Express-Based Apps Serverlessly — Run serverless apps and REST APIs using your existing app framework, on top of AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway. serverless-http is another option in this space.
Amazon Web Services
Singlie: Singly Circular and Linear Linked Lists for ES6
Klaus Sinani
electron-react-boilerplate: Electron Boilerplate for Cross Platform Apps — An Electron app boilerplate based on React, Redux, React Router, and Webpack.
C. T. Lin
Honeypot: A Honeypot That Displays Attacks in Real Time — Listens on 128 common TCP ports and lets you see connection attempts live.
Nikolay Shmakov
Ephemeral Tweets: Automatically Delete Your Old Tweets — A Node script that runs on webtask to remove tweets older than a certain age from your account.
Stephan Max
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