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SQL is the most popular way to work with data in databases. SQL (Structured Query Language) is a database management language that is used to work with relational databases. Whatever software or web application you are building, there is a high chance you make use of SQL for your database. Having some basic SQL skills is a bare minimum requirement for most developers, especially at startups and tech companies. Listed below are some of the best SQL books for beginners, intermediate and advanced SQL developers. Do keep in mind some of these books may be outdated by the time you read them, but the fundamental concepts should be the same. Bookmark and check back to stay updated with the best programming books that will help you improve your code!

SQL: The Complete Reference
SQL: The Complete Reference by James R. Groff and Paul N. Weinberg is considered by many to be the definitive guide to everything SQL. James R. Groff and Paul N. Weinberg are both noted SQL experts.
SQL: The Complete Reference contains over 900 pages of SQL tips and tricks. This book comprehensively covers every SQL topic under the sun and then some. You are shown how to work with SQL commands, make relational databases, execute and write queries, etc.  SQL: The Complete Reference is nicely broken down into chapters and organized and arranged in a way that makes whatever SQL topic you’re looking for easy to find. With detailed explanations of SQL syntax and code examples, everything you need as a SQL developer is covered here.
SQL: The Complete Reference absolutely lives up to it’s name as the complete reference for all things SQL. This is a book that advanced SQL developers will get the best from, but even beginners can use it to look up topics in-depth. SQL: The Complete Reference is a book that belongs on your shelf as a reference book to go back to time and again.
SQL in 10 Minutes, Sams Teach Yourself
SQL in 10 Minutes, Sams Teach Yourself by Ben Forta is quite possibly the fastest way to get started with SQL for beginners. Ben Forta is a best selling author of programming books.
SQL in 10 Minutes is a non-nonsense book that teaches you only the SQL that you need to know and nothing unnecessary.  Even though this book will actually not teach you SQL in 10 minutes, but it will teach you SQL very fast.  You start at the basics with simple data retrieval and work your way to advanced SQL topics like joins and subqueries.There are advanced topics in the last chapters of this book but they are just short and concise. SQL in 10 Minutes makes sure you are never  overwhelmed at the complexity of advanced SQL techniques.
SQL in 10 Minutes is an excellent book for beginners to SQL who wanted to get started as quick as possible. It focuses just on the basics and does go a bit into the advanced topics as well, but not in unnecessary depth. SQL in 10 Minutes is very well written, easy to follow and a breeze to read. You will have finished this book in no time at all!
Learning SQL: Master SQL Fundamentals
Learning SQL: Master SQL Fundamentals
by Alan Beaulieu will teach you SQL from the basics all the way to advanced level. Alan Beaulieu has been designing, building, and implementing custom database applications for over 13 years.
Learning SQL is an introductory guide will get you started with SQL quickly. The book is more than 300 pages of SQL information. You are start of at the basics of SQL and each chapter grows with difficulty and advanced SQL techniques. Learning SQL will teach you how to interact data with queries, create database objects and use SQL’s built in functions for data manipulation. Every chapter in this book is bot sized and easy to read and digest. At the end of every chapter you are test on what you have just learned, further solidifying your knowledge of SQL.
Learning SQL is a great book for SQL developers of all levels. In particular, developers who have some basic understanding of SQL will make the most out of this book.  Learning SQL will help you quickly become a master of SQL, whatever your platform.
SQL Queries for Mere Mortals: A Hands-On Guide to Data Manipulation in SQL
SQL Queries for Mere Mortals: A Hands-On Guide to Data Manipulation in SQL by John L. Viescas and Michael J. Hernandez  is quite possibly the simplest way to learn writing great SQL queries. John L. Viescas and Michael J. Hernandez are both independent relational database consultants.
SQL Queries for Mere Mortals is a step by step guide to writing SQL queries of all types. Coming in at almost 800 pages, this book is fully updated with all the new changes in SQL and deals with pretty much all kinds of SQL related tips and tricks. By the time you finish this book, you will be able to write a  wide variety of SQL queries to solve SQL problems of various kinds. SQL Queries for Mere Mortals is filled with detailed examples, exercises, and discussions that will increase your knowledge and skill of SQL queries. This book will also teach you how to better optimize your SQL queries for effectiveness.
SQL Queries for Mere Mortals is a great SQL book for beginners and intermediate SQL developers alike. It is very though without being overly complex.  Well written and easy to follow along, SQL Queries for Mere Mortals is a book anyone wanting to write better SQL queries should check out.
SQL Cookbook: Query Solutions and Techniques for Database Developers
SQL Cookbook: Query Solutions and Techniques for Database Developers by Anthony Molinaro is all about SQL recipes that you can instantly cook and use in your projects. Anthony Molinaro is a SQL developer and database administrator with many years experience in helping developers improve their SQL queries
SQL Cookbook contains over 600 pages of the best instantly usable SQL recipes. This book is written in a question & answer style with a discussion of why the answer provided should be used. SQL Cookbook is packed with real world practical code examples, these solutions work across a wide variety of database engines including MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. This book tackles problems from very basic to very advanced and everything in between.
SQL Cookbook is a fast paced guide to SQL that moves very quickly between solutions and never gets bogged down in useless details. Whether you are a beginner or advanced SQL developer, SQL Cookbook can be used as a guide and reference book. All aspiring SQL chefs need this book in their kitchen!
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