Tuesday, 10 January, 2017 UTC


Atom 1.13 has shipped today with benchmarks, reopen project, new Octicons and a keystroke resolver API. It ships without the Shadow DOM editor boundary.

Atom Benchmarks

In our continuous mission to improve Atom’s performance, 1.13 introduces benchmarks to better quantify improvements or :scream: regressions.

Reopen Project

Want to get Atom back to a previous state without figuring out the command line incantation? There’s now a Reopen Project menu item, palette command, and API.

New Octicons

A new version of the Octicons is now bundled in Atom with improvements to line-weight and sizing normalization. In addition 20 new icons are available. :tada:

Keystroke Resolver API

To help address the long tail of unusual international keyboard behaviors as interpreted by Chrome, particularly on Linux, Atom 1.13 includes a custom keystroke resolver API allowing users to assign Chrome keyboard events to Atom-style keystrokes.

Shadow DOM Removal

This release marks the end of Atom’s failed experiment using the Shadow DOM as a way to isolate the editor from unintended CSS. Check out the in-depth post for details.

Usability Improvements

  • Allow reordering project folders via drag and drop
  • Optional full-width status bar
  • Follow-through tooltip behavior
  • Don’t show find panel when doing cmd-e

Performance Boosters

  • Don’t construct placeholder tokenized lines
  • Avoid forcing computation of all screen lines when opening a file
Don’t forget to check out all the other improvements shipping with this version in the release notes! :memo:
Atom 1.14 Beta

Large File Performance

A fundamental data structure in the editor has been implemented in native code to reduce memory and yield better performance for large files.

64-bit Windows Installation

Atom 1.14 makes available a 64-bit installation for Windows! :tada:

MRU Tab Traversal

There was some—lets call it pointed—feedback about our initial implementation of most-recently-used tab traversal that we’ve addressed in this release:
  • An MRU-ordered list of the tabs to visit now appears during MRU traversal.
  • There is an option in the tabs package settings to make ctrl-tab and ctrl-shift-tab do MRU or simple left/right traversal.
  • Fixed a bug in keyup handling such that the MRU order doesn’t appear to randomly change.

Other Noteworthy 1.14 improvements:

  • Overhaul of the bundled C# grammar
  • Upgrade find-and-replace to use new marker layer API for fast clearing of markers
  • Option for avoiding overlay movements
  • Reduce the impact of leaking Editor, Selection, & Cursor objects
There are many more details in the release notes.
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