Thursday, 20 April, 2017 UTC


Today, we’re excited to announce that Trace, our Node.js monitoring & debugging tool is now free for open-source projects.
What is Trace?
We launched Trace a year ago with the intention of helping developers looking for a Node.js specific APM which is easy to use and helps with the most difficult aspects of building Node projects, like..
  • finding memory leaks in a production environment
  • profiling CPU usage to find bottlenecks
  • tracing distributed call-chains
  • avoiding security leaks & bad npm packages
.. and so on.
Why are we giving it away for free?
We use a ton of open-source technology every day, and we are also the maintainers of some.
We know from experience that developing an open-source project is hard work, which requires a lot of knowledge and persistence.
Trace will save a lot of time for those who use Node for their open-source projects.
How to get started with Trace?
  1. Visit and sign up - it's free.
  2. Connect your app with Trace.
  3. Head over to this form and tell us a little bit about your project.
Done. Your open-source project will be monitored for free as a result.

If you need help with Node.js Monitoring & Debugging..

Just drop us a tweet at @RisingStack if you have any additional questions about the tool or the process.
If you'd like to read a little bit more about the topic, I recommend to read our previous article The Definitive Guide for Monitoring Node.js Applications.

One more thing

At the same time of making Trace available for open-source projects, we're announcing our new line of business at RisingStack:
Commercial Node.js support, aimed at enterprises with Node.js applications running in a production environment.
RisingStack now helps to bootstrap and operate Node.js apps - no matter what life cycle they are in.