Thursday, 11 January, 2018 UTC


Every business enterprise, big or small, is on a constant lookout for cost-saving tactics. Severing a portion of advertising costs can prove beneficial as it owes a major chunk of investment to business firms. Keeping this in mind, we have designed an ‘online classified ad solution’. This is perhaps, the simplest approach towards posting an ad and getting noticed with minimal expenditure. Going further, you will come to know more about this exquisite solution and its benefits.

Easy as pie!

This top tier classified ads solution from Agriya will get you going with your advertising enterprise without any hassle. Be it for real estate, pets, dating or jobs, this solution is a remarkable tool to develop any kind of advertisement platform. The site is neatly aligned and categorized with simple yet variable features. 

A well-defined Public Website

The Public website features various options to help first-time visitors as well as other users. It provides drop-down menus to select from the category list(Bikes, Books, Cameras and so on), a list of cities and languages. The front page consists of a search engine with filters, Ad creation Tab, user profile and dashboard, Ads, payment details, personal data, messages & subscription packages. 

Following are some of the features showcased on the Public Website in detail:

User Login & Registration (Both Buyers & Sellers)

The user login and registration is plain sailing and offers a quick & secure registration through social networking sites (Google, Twitter & Facebook) too. 

Ad Generation

Even a layman can create an ad with this super-easy Ad generation tool. All you have to do is insert the Ad Title, Description, Category, Advertiser type, Price, contact number, and location.

Ad Management

The ads posted by users are showcased under the ‘My Ads’ title.The user can view & smoothly manage his ads, payment, personal information, messages & subscription packages here.

Ad Package Subscription

Users can subscribe to Ad packages by selecting the ad category as well as the package of their choice.

Adding Extra Features to Ads

There is a special provision whereby you may add some extra features to ads. For example, you may like to tag your ads on a priority basis as “In Top”, “Urgent”, “Highlight” or “Top Ads”.

Communicating through messages

Viewers may contact the ad-owner with brief messages by putting in their detailed information including name and email-id.

Payment Gateway

Payment methods are simple with wide options. Zazpay & Paypal are the two payment channels. Zazpay is an integration of multiple gateways and can be changed depending on preference.

Transaction summary & Details

A complete transaction summary with dates is auto-generated following each business transaction which may be reviewed or re-verified as per requirement.

Secure & Protected Administration Module

You can handle the advertisements and user profiles by logging into the Administration module. You might add, edit or delete users, manage, rearrange or update advertisements, as well as configure your site with the desired logos and names.
Final Remark

With a view to making ad- posting a profitable affair, we have come up with this simple solution. If you are keen on setting up an online classified ad marketplace, then cheer up! We have the entire idea encapsulated for you!