Thursday, 11 October, 2018 UTC


As the learning goes digital, there see an immense surge in customer expectations and demands. E-learning solution from Agriya’s rich product line has served a multitude of businesses, helped them get the best out of their strategies through smart automation. However, with the changing market scenarios, there comes a need to innovate our first-rate solution a little further than it was before. Hence and so launches a premium enhancement-focused update for the same. 

All-new Millenial-optimized Digital Learning Solution for Advancing Businesses

E-learning solution from Agriya has been around for some time. It has transformed the way e-learning businesses operate, ushered them to a much efficient e-learning scenario that facilitates their efforts towards business growth and potential. The new update of E-learning solution is clearly deliberate and is centered on ensuring maximum performance boost and accuracy. Other than the bug fixes and enhancements, we have also integrated a couple of features to elevate the overall functioning capacity of the software.

Stripe-based Payments for Reliable Transactions

Since money implies the most admiring entity in any business, optimizing the methods of transactions seemed important to us. Thus with a clean intend to streamline the transactions, at the same time bringing simplicity element into the same, we introduce a unique but very effective Stripe-based payment method. 

Unlike other similar mobile payment service providers, Stripe ensures simplicity and secure interaction with its servers. Moreover, it is favorably user-focused; it doesn't have setup fees, monthly fees, minimum charges, and card storage fees as well. 

Subscription Revenue Stream to Facilitate Organizational Growth

Incorporating a very different pricing model into our existing model was super challenging. There were many hurdles we had to face. However, through keen research on businesses who adopt the same model, also, the market growth conditions, we involved a novel subscription-based pricing model into E-learning solution.

The major advantage we have noticed was the surge in customer retention rate this specific model can create. Moreover, it guarantees payment safety, optimizes the cash flow management, and also deliver all-around stability to your business. 

Bottom Line

The premium E-learning solution signifies one of the smartest digital learning portal available as of now. And with the addition of new attributes, we made it all set for a new league. It is a comprehensive solution, also it is open for further modifications if you have any special feature preferences. Anyhow, since this is a ready-made script, it aids businesses to deploy an incredible e-learning mobile app within a matter of days.