Thursday, 13 September, 2018 UTC


#255 — September 13, 2018
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Node Weekly
Next Generation Package Management with Crux — crux is a new, experimental JavaScript package manager from the folks at npm, Inc, that aims to provoke new thoughts on how package management should be handled.
The npm Blog
Node v10.10.0 (Current) Released — npm moves up to version 6.4.1, native code coverage information can now be saved to disk, the http2 module is no longer experimental, and much more. Node 8.12.0 (LTS) is also out which also updates npm, libuv, and makes n-api non-experimental.
Node.js Foundation
Burn Your Logs — Use Sentry's open source error tracking to get to the root cause of issues. Setup only takes 5 minutes.
Sentry sponsor
Debugging A Node.js Application Using ndb — ndb provides an improved debugging experience for Node.js, enabled by Chrome DevTools, and this is an easily understood walkthrough.
Nitay Neeman
A Proposal to Get Rid of 'node_modules' — It’s early days for this discussion but there’s a lot of chatter about this right now (such as on Hacker News). Full PDF of the proposal.
NLP.js: Natural Language Utilities for Node — An NLP library that can guess the language of a phrase, do stemming/tokenization, sentiment analysis, and more.
💻 Jobs
Senior Engineer, LA — At SG Sr. Engineers build both customer facing solutions to drive engagement and internal tools to support restaurant operations.
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📘 Articles & Tutorials
8 Steps to Building A Serverless GraphQL API using AWS Amplify
Nader Dabit
How to Prevent Unsafe HTTP Redirects in Node
Joe Pelletier
Build a Netflix Style Video Platform - Node API Client — Play videos at the same quality and speed as Netflix & YouTube. API clients for all major languages.
Bitmovin sponsor
Add 2FA to a Nuxt Application with Nexmo Verify — Nuxt.js is a framework for building universal Vue.js apps.
Martyn Davies
Defining Roles-based Security ACLs and Supporting Multitenancy in the Strongloop Loopback Framework
Steve Drucker
Generating Random User Agents with Google Analytics and CircleCI — user-agents is a Node.js package for producing random, up to date user agents, but this is also the tale of how such data is being obtained.
Evan Sangaline
▶ Building a Real-Time Translation App From Scratch — Re-watch this livestream and code along, making a real-time translation app from scratch using Node and Tensorflow.js.
Siraj Raval
CPU Profiling in Production Node.js Applications
StackImpact sponsor
Why Should Your Node App Not Handle Log Routing?
Corey Cleary
🔧 Code and Tools
User Agents: A Library for Generating Random, But Real-Looking, User Agents
Taiko: A Library and REPL to Automate Chrome/Chromium — Includes a REPL mode and is more designed to work with a visible, rather than headless, browser instance.
Express.js Boilerplate for Building RESTful APIs — A starter project to build a REST-based API service with Node.js that uses MongoDB for storage.
Daniel Sousa
Drome: Yet Another JavaScript Task Runner
Konrad Przydział
Puppeteer 1.8.0 Released: The Headless Chrome Node API — The latest release operates at Chromium 71 standards and browser permissions can now be managed with browserContext.overridePermissions.
Google Chrome Team