Friday, 17 May, 2019 UTC


A collection of animated loading indicators
React native port of SpinKit.
Getting started
npm install [email protected] --save
For RN < 0.40 support, use [email protected]
Automatically link the library
react-native link
For RN projects < 0.29 link the library automatically using RNPM
rnpm link react-native-spinkit
Manual linking - IOS
Follow the wiki available here
Manual linking - Android
Follow the wiki available here
Check index.ios.js in the Example folder.
Prop Default Type Description
isVisible true boolean Visibility of the spinner
color #000000 string Color of the spinner
size 37 number Size of the spinner
type Plane string Style type of the spinner

List of available types

  • CircleFlip
  • Bounce
  • Wave
  • WanderingCubes
  • Pulse
  • ChasingDots
  • ThreeBounce
  • Circle
  • 9CubeGrid
  • WordPress (IOS only)
  • FadingCircle
  • FadingCircleAlt
  • Arc (IOS only)
  • ArcAlt (IOS only)