Thursday, 7 December, 2017 UTC


Node Weekly
December 7, 2017 #217
Robert Kieffer
NPMGraph: See Module Dependency Trees in Your Browser
Enter an npm module name and this tool renders an interactive dependency tree in your browser.

The npm Blog
npm 5.6 Released, Fixes Node 9 Support
You now get fully cross-platform package-lock.json files (failing dependencies on one OS don’t remove it from the dependency tree), Node 9 support is fixed, and a lot more, naturally.

Eric Simons
A Look at 'Turbo', an In-Browser Node Package Manager
An intriguing look at a new package manager built for the StackBlitz online code editor that claims to be 5x faster than npm and works entirely in-browser.

Sencha, Inc. Sponsor
Design, Develop & Test Your Web Apps with Sencha Ext JS
With a robust set of UI components and tools to improve productivity and help you design, develop and test your web apps, there is no better JavaScript framework for building sophisticated web applications than time-tested Ext JS. Try it free.

Simon Boudrias
Inquirer.js: A Collection of Common Interactive CLI Controls
Aims to be “an easily embeddable and beautiful command line interface” for Node.

Node.js Foundation
New Node Versions Coming to Fix Data Confidentiality/Integrity Vulnerability
All versions of 4.x, 6.x, 8.x and 9.x are vulnerable to an issue to be fixed in a new version of OpenSSL being released today.

Node.js Foundation
How I Got Into Node: Tierney Cyren
The latest in a series looking at how prominent community members got involved with Node. Others include Rachel White and Matteo Collina, plus Myles Borins and Michael Dawson.

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In Brief
  • V8 6.3 Has Just Been Added to Node Master news
    This brings dynamic module import, Promise.prototype.finally, and async iterator/generator support to Node.
    Node.js Foundation
  • There Are Now Over 600,000 npm Packages in the npm Registry news
    Laurie Voss on Twitter
  • Node v6.12.1 (LTS) Released news
    Node.js Foundation
  • Node v8.9.2 (LTS) Released news
    Node.js Foundation
  • Language Guide: JavaScript - Easy and Powerful CI/CD
    Build a quick demo JavaScript Node project yourself with CircleCI.
    CircleCI Sponsor
  • Building a Simple Static Page Generator with Node tutorial
    Angelos Chalaris
  • Using Facets in a Couchbase NoSQL Full Text Search Query tutorial
    Nic Raboy
  • Building a GraphQL API with Node and React tutorial
    A hands-on tutorial about building GraphQL API with Express, using React on the client side.
    Vladimir Kopychev
  • A Much Faster Way to Debug Code Than with Breakpoints or Console.log
    Wallaby catches errors in your tests and displays the results of expressions right in your editor as you type.
    Wallaby.js Sponsor
  • tuql: Automatically Create a GraphQL Server From a SQLite Database tools
    Brad Daily
  • Phin: A Simple, Dependency-Free HTTP Request Client code
    Ethan Davis
  • country-iso: Get An ISO Country Code for Geographic Coordinates code
    Simone Primarosa
  • Lowdb: A Small Local JSON Database Powered by Lodash code
    Supports Node, Electron and the browser.
  • Practical Scalability Analysis with the Universal Scalability Law
    VividCortex Sponsor