Thursday, 12 October, 2017 UTC


Node Weekly
October 12, 2017 #209
Next.js 4 Released with Perf and Styling Upgrades
A new version of Next.js, a framework for building universal React apps, is out with support for React 16 and a major upgrade to its styling engine.

Bruno Krebs
Nest.js Brings TypeScript to Node and Express
A primer on Nest.js, a framework that provides an opinionated structure for building Express.js-based web apps. Sponsor
🌲 How we solved Node's hard to use logs
Frustrated with your logs? Reduce time spent in your logs by 80%.

Node.js Foundation
Node v8.7.0 (Current) Released
A release mostly focused on updates to V8, npm, and libuv, plus a ‘fancy new macOS installer’.

Adnan Rahić
A Crash Course on Going 'Serverless' with Node
If the concepts of ‘serverless’ development are new to you, this is a very entry level tour. And if you end up liking the serverless approach, check out our serverless newsletter :-)

Node Foundation Readies Official Developer Certification
It’ll cost a few hundred dollars, require you be monitored via webcam, and consist of 32 questions. It should be ready to take in a few months.

In Brief
  • The Node.js State of the Union 2017 news
    The ecosystem continues to grow.
    Mark R. Hinkle
  • Protect your npm account with 2FA and Authy tutorial
    Here’s how to secure your npm account with 2FA and Authy.
    Twilio Sponsor
  • How to Deploy a REST API using Serverless, Express and Node.js tutorial
    Alex DeBrie
  • How to Run ESLint on File Save in IntelliJ, VS Code and Sublime Text tutorial
    Tomasz Netczuk
  • Data Sheet: Database Performance Monitoring
    VividCortex Sponsor
  • How We Run NPM Packages in the Browser story
    Magnus Holm
  • A Tale of Two Bugs And How They Were Debugged story
    From a CI curiosity to a fix.
    Mike Ralphson
  • Creating RESTful Web Services the Easy Way with Node video
    Dan McGhan
  • Real-time monitoring for your Node.js apps tools
    Graph and set alerts on metrics from any Node app, plus all your infrastructure: servers, databases, and more.
    Datadog Sponsor
  • Search and Install npm Modules Automatically from the Atom Editor tools
  • Node API Boilerplate 2.0: Opinionated Boilerplate for Web APIs code
    DDD/’Clean Architecture’-inspired boilerplate for Node Web APIs.
    Talysson de Oliveira Cassiano
  • A Node, React and GraphQL-Powered Hacker News Clone code
    Clinton D'Annolfo
  • Whitelister: Simple, Dependency-Free Data Filtering and Validation code
    Spire Labs
  • Clusterluck: A Library for Writing Distributed Systems in Node code
    Includes features to handle state management, sharding, etc.
  • node-telnet-client: A Simple Telnet Client for Node code
    Mario Kozjak
  • Rapid prototyping playground for Node in your editor tools
    Run any code and see the results immediately right in your editor. Supports VS Code, Atom & JetBrains IDEs.
    Wallaby.js Sponsor