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This week's Node news
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Node Weekly
August 10, 2017 #200
Node.js Foundation
Node 8.3 (Current) Released
This version sees the V8 engine upgraded to version 6.0 (which has key performance implications) in addition to DNS, N-API and REPL changes.

Sam Roberts
NODE_OPTIONS Has Landed in 8.x
A new environment variable that lets you supply command line arguments to Node. This post explains why it’s useful.

Codeship Sponsor
Deploying Apps with Kubernetes and Codeship Pro
Interested in Continuous Deployment for Docker Apps to Kubernetes? Learn how to set up Kubernetes with Codeship Pro. Get access to the free Codeship Kubernetes eBook and detailed setup guide.

Michael Dawson
Changes to Node's Errors You Need to Know About
Changes, beginning in Node 8 and continuing to occur en route to Node 9, are coming to errors thrown by the Node.js runtime.

Schahriar SaffarShargh
N-API and Getting Started with Writing C Addons for Node
Using N-API’s abstractions, you can create C/C++ addons without having a deep understanding of how V8 works.

Duo Labs
Hunting Malicious npm Packages
Following last week’s npm typosquatting story, Jordan Wright analyzes npm packages and how attackers use malicious packages to gain access/control over systems.

Scott Allen
Developing with Node.js on Microsoft Azure
A free course to get you started with developing and deploying Node apps and services on Azure.

In Brief
  • Hitachi Announces Commitment to Node-RED news
    Node-RED is a powerful Node.js flow-based programming system.
    JS Foundation
  • Full Stack Fest 2017 - Barcelona, 4-8 Sept news
    A conference that peeks into the web of tomorrow. Serverless, WebVR, Progressive Web Apps. 10% discount with code NODEWEEK.
    Full Stack Fest Barcelona Sponsor
  • The 80/20 Guide to Express Error Handling tutorial
    Valeri Karpov
  • Building a Simple AI Chatbot with the Web Speech API and Node tutorial
    Tomomi Imura
  • An Introduction to Web Scraping with Node tutorial
    Learn how to scrape static websites with Node, request, and CheerioJS.
    Brandon Morelli
  • Getting Started with Nodebots and Johnny-Five tutorial
    Build some cool hardware projects powered by Node.
    Dominik Kundel
  • Building a Simple GraphQL Server with Neo4j tutorial
    William Lyon
  • Getting Started with Using Headless Chrome from Node tutorial
    With a demo of capturing screenshots of pages as you programmatically navigate a site.
  • How to Create a Bot with the Bot Builder SDK for Node tutorial
  • Build an app using MongoDB and Node.js tutorial
    MONGODB Sponsor
  • Your Node Authentication Tutorial Is (Probably) Wrong opinion
    Some common authentication pitfalls, and how to avoid them.
  • Twitter Uses Node to Slim Down and Speed Up Its Mobile Web App video
    Mark Albertson
  • Database Performance Monitoring Buyer’s Guide
    This guide is designed to aid when evaluating database monitoring solutions for your unique environment.
    VividCortex Sponsor
  • rawkit: Immediately Open Chrome DevTools When Debugging Node Apps tools
    Darcy Clarke
  • Grial: A Node Framework for Creating GraphQL API Servers Easily code
    ..without a lot of boilerplate. Tutorial here.
    Sergio Xalambrí
  • Nano ID: Tiny, Secure URL-Friendly Unique String ID Generator code
    Andrey Sitnik
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