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Node Weekly
April 20, 2017 #184
On Improving Atom's Startup Time with V8 Snapshots
Atom is an editor built upon Electron which in turns uses Chrome and Node. This post looks at how Atom now uses V8 snapshots to load more quickly.

Stefan Baumgartner
The Definitive Intro to Node's Object Streams
Streams are a powerful tool in Node, and this post quickly covers both the theory and practicals of creating and working with object streams.

Node.js Foundation
Node CTC Votes to Delay Node 8.x To May 30th
Following a discussion on how Node will deal with key changes to the V8 JavaScript engine, the CTC voted to delay Node v8 until the end of May.

Frontend Masters Sponsor
📘✨ The 2017 Front-End Handbook - Free and Open Source
A free, thorough and open source guide anyone could use to learn about the practice of front-end development.

Shalvah Adebayo
How to Build A Simple Math Expression Tokenizer
The basics of turning an expression like 89sin(45) + 2.2x/7 into its component parts for further processing.

Michael Herman
Developing and Testing Microservices With Docker
A straightforward example of the processes involved in creating a simple Docker-packaged Node microservice.

Scott Nonnenberg
Hard-Won Lessons After Five Years with Node
A developer shares lessons learnt the hard way whilst using Node (bugs, challenges, surprises) with some takeaways you can apply to your own work.

In Brief
  • Node Occasionally Giving Files The Same Inode on Windows news
    Node.js Foundation
  • Node Summit 2017 'NodeTalk' Call for Papers Now Open news
    The event is in San Francisco over July 25-27.
    Node Summit
  • How To Build A Real-Time Chat Bot Using Node.js & tutorial
    Here's how to build a real-time chat application using Redis, with Node.js and Sponsor
  • How to Use and Control Headless Chrome with Node on macOS tutorial
    Jim Cummins
  • Tips and Tricks for Debugging Electron Applications tutorial
  • Server-Side Rendering With Preact and Firebase tutorial
    Valeri Karpov
  • Using Harmonica to Programmatically Use Node's '--harmony' Options tutorial
    Andrew Powell
  • JavaScript Server-Side Rendering with Device Detection tutorial
    Ruadhán O'Donoghue
  • How to Publish Packages on npm tutorial
    A handful of brief videos on releasing npm packages, complete with tests and documentation.
    Trevor Miller
  • Build a Simple Node.js Blog in 4 Steps tutorial
    Carson Gibbons
  • Try Bugsnag, and Get a Free Silky Soft T-Shirt 👕 tools
    Efficiently monitor & fix errors in your Node.js apps with Bugsnag. Get a free t-shirt when you sign up & try.
    Bugsnag Sponsor
  • Slack's Message Menus API Sample for Node code
    An example app demonstrating the use of Slack’s new message menus feature.
  • awaiting: Functions to Make async/await Even More Useful code
    Delays, throttled maps, callback/event/successes awaiting.
    Hunter Loftis
  • angular-ssr: An Angular 4+ Server-Side Rendering Solution code
    Christopher Bond
  • chrome2gif: Create An Animated GIF of A Page Running in Chrome code
    An experimental/work-in-progress tool for dynamically creating an animated GIF from a page rendered in Chrome via the debugging protocol’s screencasting feature.
    Peter Cooper
  • Tiny Care Terminal: A Little Command Line Dashboard code
    A configurable terminal app that shares inspirational tweets and your git commits.
    Monica Dinculescu
  • glua: A Lua VM Written in Go, Recompiled to JavaScript code
    Well it’s interesting that it’s possible..
    Giovanni T. Parra
  • Life's Short. Build Cool Stuff!
    Get your new job in 2 weeks, not 2 months. Get Hired!
    Hired Sponsor
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