Friday, 3 November, 2017 UTC


This week Mark Erikson a Redux maintainer joins us to talk about Redux and its Ecosystem. Discover what Redux is, where it came from, who should use it, answers to common questions and so much more.
This Week in Web News
  • TypeScript 2.6 RC available on GitHub which includes new features such as strict function types, localized diagnostics and more
  • The popular testing tool Cypress is now in public beta for the first time and has been made Open Source
  • PayPal open sources a suite of cross-domain JavaScript tools
  • Node 8.7.0 released which includes “a fancy new macOS installer” and more
  • Babel 7 is getting closer with the release of v7.0.0-beta.3
  • GitHub have open sourced the accessibility scanner that they use to check websites for accessibility issues with elements
  • Redux Documentation
  • Mark Erikson (@acemarke)
  • Justin Ribeiro (@justinribeiro)
  • Amal Hussein (@nomadtechie)
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